Lexicon in Egypt
Lexicon in Egypt

Lexicon® measures its success by the simple fact that it's the worldwide choice of engineers, producers and performers for digital processing. Its uncompromised integrity has proven to be extremely successful over the years. History was made when its Reverb line was introduced at the 1978 AES Convention. It was considered the first commercially viable digital reverb system. And Lexicon's innovations haven't stopped since. It continues to forge strategic partnerships that will ensure that its systems are always compatible with customers' needs.

Lexicon® occupies a unique position as a leading innovator in both the professional and consumer audio industries. Since the release of our first digital audio product in 1971, Lexicon has stood at the forefront of digital audio with an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional professional audio and home theater products and an inventor of exciting new technologies. Years of research, development, and experience allow us to continue expanding the boundaries of the listening experience.

Our professional audio products are prominent in the creation of worldwide music, television, and film productions. These products have won numerous awards, including an impressive collection of TEC Awards and an Emmy. Lexicon processors have been embraced as the standard in professional signal processing since the introduction of the 480L Digital Effects Processor in 1986, which retained tremendous popularity for several years. In 2001, the 480L was replaced by the 960L Multi-channel Digital Effects System, which has itself garnered an impressive following of producers, artists, and engineers. Today, the PCM96 and PCM96 Surround continue that legacy as exemplars of professional signal processing.

Built to professional standards, our award-winning music and cinema products are present in fine home theaters all over the world. With the release of our first digital processor in 1988, Lexicon earned a reputation as a premiere manufacturer of home theater products. Since then, our products have continued to set new benchmarks for performance. Combining power, precision, and flexibility with an elegant industrial design, Lexicon’s Digital Controller and Power Amplifier products continue this proud lineage and represent the finest expression of music and film reproduction available.

Knowingly or unknowingly – you experience Lexicon products and technologies on a daily basis. Chances are that Lexicon processing was involved in the television program you watch at home, the film you see at the cinema, or the song you listen to on the radio. From the initial tracks to your listening room or automobile, Lexicon is part of the process that brings these recordings to life. Our commitment to the audio professional and the home theater enthusiast ensures an unbroken chain between the artist and the audience.