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by Bose
Original price LE 21,455.00 - Original price LE 21,455.00
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LE 21,455.00  جنيهاً 21,455.00
LE 21,455.00 - LE 21,455.00
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LE 21,455.00  جنيهاً 21,455.00

"Direct/Reflecting® Series II speakers:7.5"" H x 3.3"" W x 3.3"" D (2.22 lbs) Center speaker:3.4"" H x 7.3"" W x 3.2"" D (2.28 lbs) Acoustimass module:16.3"" H x 8.1"" W x 25.3"" D (35 lbs) Shipping weight:60.7 lbs"

About this item

  • The best performing Acoustimass system from Bose delivers spacious surround sound for larger rooms
  • Redesigned Direct/Reflecting Series II speakers have a slimmer profile and can mount flush to your wall
  • Powerful low note effects from powered Acoustimass module with two high performance drivers
  • Adjustable controls for volume and low-frequency effects
  • Cables and connectors included and clearly marked for easy setup
  • U.S./Canada: 100 to 127V 50/60 Hz 270W.Compatible with A/V receivers and amplifiers rated from 10 to 200 watts per channel, rated from 4 to 8 ohm

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