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by Shure
Original price LE 5,095.00 - Original price LE 5,095.00
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LE 5,095.00  جنيهاً 5,095.00
LE 5,095.00 - LE 5,095.00
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LE 5,095.00  جنيهاً 5,095.00

10.1 x 5.0 x 3.4"

About this item

  • Ultra-thin diaphragm for smooth high end and tight, controlled low end
  • 15dB pad for performance consistency across a wider range of high SPL sources
  • Low self-noise and transformerless preamplifier circuitry
  • Cardioid instrument condenser microphone offers natural sound reproduction in both acoustic and high volume performance applications
  • Features include a thin diaphragm, a Class-A preamplifier, pad for performance consistency, and low self-noise
  • The SM137 is a versatile, flat-response cardioid condenser probe microphone
  • Furnished accessories include Swivel Adapter and Zippered Pouch

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