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Original price LE 23,730.00 - Original price LE 23,730.00
Original price LE 23,730.00
LE 23,730.00  جنيهاً 23,730.00
LE 23,730.00 - LE 23,730.00
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LE 23,730.00  جنيهاً 23,730.00

22 x 24 x 10”

About this item

  • 24 channels of I/O, including 10 combo 1/4”-trs/XLR, 10 XLR, 2 line, and 2 channels of digital playback for a total of 24 Simultaneous inputs
  • Onboard dual-band Wi-Fi allows up to 10 devices to control the Ui24R from iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux browsers without installing apps
  • Warm studer-designed preamps, lush Lexicon reverbs, dbx feedback Suppression, cutting-edge Digitech amp Modeling, and more
  • Multi-track recording of all 22 inputs and the stereo mix, directly to a USB storage drive and a connected computer
  • Experience Enhanced integration with the HARMAN connected PA app and compatible products

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